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please help me see my best friend in Hawaii! ;v; Ben is my best friend of five years! It's time I go see him. Thank you for your help!!
(let me know if oyu donated, I can send you a cute greeting card or something!)

zomgenius replied to your post: my head hurts im crying i hate being here…

Chances are, if its a cookie mix, you have to add water. With brownies, you typically have to add oil and eggs. Do you remember the brand of skillet cookie? Ill help you look!

it’s called indulge cast iron skillet cookie

after looking myself, i remember it was called that

it had to have eggs and something added to it, i’m not sure

thank you though, i know it seems like i’m throwing a fit over a damn skillet cookie but there is NO food in the house and it’s just..really frustrating